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Imm 6 App N° 3 rue de la liberté Guéliz
Marrakech - Maroc
Phone : 00 212 524 432 214
Fax : 00 212 524 423 639
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Istanbul has a historical, architectural and cultural heritage through the history of Byzantium and Constantinople. It is the most important city in the country, far ahead from the administrative capital Ankara. It is the economic heart of Turkey, the largest port, opened to the world because of its location. Here Europe join Asia. Do not forget to visit Ste. Sophia, Blue Mosque, the Palace of the Sultans of Topkapi, the Galata Tower, to take tea in Agatha Christie's favorite hotel the Pera Palace where you can visit her room .you can also visit the room of Atatürk ,the founder of the Turkish Republic , transformed into a museum today . you can go shopping at the Grand Bazaar as well the spice market so colorful and fragrant, This is the best school to learn to trade but also to enjoy the oriental relations . Antalya is a city that can seduce only by its beauty and diversity of the landscape. There is so much good things to be discovered. The best reception is present. Turkish hospitality is not a mirage but an omnipresent fact.